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At Strong Point Fitness, your goals become reality. Combining two decades of health, fitness, and athletic experience, we create a customized plan that allows you to live a balanced lifestyle, tailored to your goals, needs, and abilities. Our client testimonials speak for themselves. Reach out to us today to get started.


Weight Training

Build Muscle and Get Ripped

Resistance training should be on your terms. No recycled plans. No getting big—unless you want to. With the right program, you’ll lose fat faster, get more defined, and make your daily life easier. You’ll also experience increased energy and improved sleep. Start today to see results.

Weight Loss

Knock Off 10 pounds and Keep It Off

Life is complicated—weight loss shouldn't be. No frills. No gimmicks. Just follow the plan, work hard, and see results. Lose weight and enjoy life with improved energy, mood, and vitality. Take back the power. Contact us today.

Training Goals


Why Low Fat = Low Results

Our nutrition programs are simple. No fad diets. No counting calories. No counting grams of carbs, protein, or fat. Utilizing the latest science, your customized nutrition plan will help you improve metabolic response, decrease fat from trouble areas without surgery, and,keep the weight off. Most importantly, you’ll eat realistically. Contact us today to take control of your nutrition.


I will help you access you fitness levels and push you past your plateaus.


Kick your endurance into high gear with customized training for marathons, Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, other races and triathlons.


You will see your goals become your reality your overall well being will improve.

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Weight Training

Weight Loss

Fitness Goals




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Contact me for more information about customized training programs.


StrongPoint Fitness

It’s time to ask yourself what kind of a body do I really want to have.

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