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Testimony - “Looking to change your life? I did with the help of Kevin Thomas of Strong Point Fitness! I went from just over 400lbs to losing 180lbs!! At first I did not feel it was attainable but with hard work, dedication and learning about nutrition, Kevin helped me lose the weight and give me a new start in life at the age of 43!! I was on both high blood pressure and pre-diabetic medications and now I only take vitamins!! Thank you Kevin, you changed my life and the way I now live my life, with you, i might still not be here!” ~ Carol B.

Testimony - “I hired Kevin as a personal trainer approximately three years ago.  Through his coaching and expertise, I have shed 30 pounds and feel like the athlete I was in my younger years - only stronger!  Kevin has guided me every step of the way, and has helped me achieve these results in spite of severe chronic back pain.  I would recommend Kevin Thomas to anyone looking to alleviate pain, lose weight, gain strength, and live an overall healthier lifestyle.” Jennifer Siehndel

Testimony - Mackenzie came to me in November 2012 wanting to get control of her health, and her life. So we set out on a plan with her nutrition, and set her up on an exercise program. Every 4-6 weeks we changed the nutrition and the workouts. After 9 months she had control of her health! Her outlook on life had improved dramatically and has now made being healthy a way of life. Just what did she accomplish following the plan? She dropped 33 total pounds and 18.1% bodyfat! What you dont know about that is that she dropped a whopping 46 pounds of fat, but added about 12lbs of muscle which increased her metabolism considerably! ~ Mackenzie.

Testimony - I met Kevin Thomas as a personal trainer through a local gym, at which point I was recovering from a major head/neck/spine injury and wanted to learn productive workout routines and most of all proper form. My primary goal upon meeting Kevin was to turn 155 pound me into a productive and efficient body. He took on the challenge that I was at the time and along the way taught me some basic biomechanics which I still apply to my training. We accomplished this goal toning myself down to 140 at which point my interest in weight lifting picked up and hasn't waned since, as i grew back into 155 pounds but with much lower body fat . This past december my wisdom tooth surgery caused me to lose 30 pounds and what felt like a year of progress. I got in touch with Kevin and we started late January on building a stronger and better version of the body I lost. For 3 months we met twice to three times a week for training sessions and leaving the rest of the week open for me to implement the week’s exercises. Starting with basic movements like kettle bell swings we worked into squats and dead lifts and a plethora of complex dynamic exercises to strengthen smaller more hard-to-reach muscles.  As a result of this I have gained my 30 pounds back and then some, and can certainly say I am in the best shape Ive ever been. Kevin’s approach has been holistic in nature as he truly got to know me as a person and likewise I got to know him and his background. He takes injury, preference, goals and body type into consideration and is happy to check in over the phone for clarification on anything fitness related. Kevin is an excellent Personal Trainer and he truly dedicates himself to his clients.



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